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Security Company Bristol
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Security Installer Bristol
Security Company Bristol
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Security Installer Bristol
Security Company Bristol
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Security Installer Bristol
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Security Company Bristol
Bespoke Security for churches
to give complete protection
Protect your church from any anti-social behaviour... Don't wait for it to happen.
Home Alarms Portishead
Safeguard your church against theft & vandals
Strategically placing CCTV cameras around your church can act
as a deterrent for vandals and crime.
Chirch Security Bristol
Did you know about the government grant scheme?
At BWS Standfast, we have all the knowledge required to help you gain specialist security solutions you may not have been able to before.
Bristol Church Security
Church Security Bristol
Protect your church against any anti- social behaviour
Perhaps your church has been the victim of burglary, this can end up costing thousands of pounds on repairs.
Our security solutions can protect your church against theft & vandals.
Deter criminals from targeting your church or chapel by having a full range of bespoke security to suit you.
Did you know? Many churches pay out thousands of pounds to replace stolen property & repair damage
Church Security Bristol
Arm your church or chapel with bespoke security
Theft - Lead from church roofs is still a common target for thieves due to its high value and its theft can often go unnoticed until the water starts pouring in. In recent years roof slates and stones, including paving slabs, have also been taken from many churches, frequently costing tens of thousands of pounds to replace.

Strategically positioned CCTV cameras around your church roof and grounds can act as a deterrent and help identify the perpetrators. Historic records and artefacts and collection money can also tempt thieves, so internal security cameras covering key areas are also advisable.

Vandals - Vandalism can be as big a problem as theft, leading to thousands of pounds worth of damage. The most common issue is objects being thrown through windows, which can be extremely expensive to repair, especially if they are stained glass. Graffiti is also a frequent problem, as is people damaging and pushing over headstones. People also sometimes use churchyards as a place to drink resulting in anti-social behaviour and litter.

The presence of security cameras is often all that is needed to put off vandals, helping to prevent both the financial and emotional impact this kind of behaviour can cause.

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Government Grant Scheme
Bristol Church Security

As part of the hate crime action plan, which has been created to help prevent hate crime against religions and places of worship, the government has put aside a budget to help install a range of security systems within these target areas.

As an NSI Gold approved company, we are one of the few companies who are able to participate in this scheme. Not only does this show our commitment to helping out within our local community, but also gives you complete peace of mind that your place of worship will be fully secure at all times.

Bristol Church Security
Church Security Bristol
Specialist security solutions for your church
By successfully gaining a grant for government funding on your security systems, you will be able to relax with the knowledge that your church will be secure, and hate crime will be deterred by our specialist security solutions. Not only this, but you can also rest assured that you will be able to enter and exit the premises without the worry of being verbally or physically abused.

From CCTV to intruder alarms, our professional and fully accredited security installers will be able to cater for a wide range of your individual requirements for your peace of mind. With the security grant in place, only 20% of the funding is needed to be covered during the initial stages, such as for the cost of the systems themselves and the installation and labour costs. This is a substantial opportunity for you to take up, as it allows you to gain protection that your church may not have been able to gain before.
CCTV for Choirs & Orchestras

Have you ever played in an orchestra or sung in a choir and been required to watch a conductor whilst having your back to them? Well that is precisely what organists are required to do on a frequent basis during performances.

The City of Bristol choir, conducted by David Ogden, recently travelled to the Koblenz region of Germany on tour and came across this age old problem. The organist faces the organ to play it, with his or her back to the choir and conductor and audience.

See how we helped Bristol City Choir overcome this problem
Church Security Bristol
Church Security Bristol
Church Security Bristol
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We offer bespoke security systems for churches, schools, commercial and domestic applications, tailored to you.
Church Security Bristol Deterring criminals for more than 32 years
Church Security Bristol NSI Gold Approved for peace of mind
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