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  Avoiding common security blunders in offices

Having a quality and well-maintained security system is important to business owners. But systems are only as good as the people who operate them, and who work within the office. Not all businesses have personnel solely responsible for security and for ensuring there are strict protocols that are followed. All too often business premises and people are put at risk from common security blunders, making it easier for burglars to break in, and for insurance policies to be invalidated.
Security Installers Bristol
Security Installers Bristol
Who's responsible?
Discover who's responsible for security in your office

Security should be the shared responsibility of all staff, and should feature at induction stage and as part of training. Dependent upon the size of the business, identified personnel should lead on security as part of their job description. Having good HR systems in place can ensure common blunders are identified and avoided, improving security for both the office and staff. Improving security can also boost morale, demonstrating the company cares about its employees' safety.

First steps
Find out how you can help secure your offices

Businesses are recommended to do a full security audit to ensure that measures are adequate, well thought through, and followed. Advice is available from specialists including crime prevention officers who are also available to give staff talks. Sadly, in the 21st century security risks extend beyond physical break-ins and assaults, and include terrorism and cyber attacks.
  Reducing security risks
Reduce the risk of intruders and theft within your office

A simple audit and specialist advice will identify common security blunders, which can easily be avoided. Simple ways to reduce security risk, include:

Security Installers Bristol Locking doors and closing windows
Security Installers Bristol Remembering to set alarm and CCTV systems
Security Installers Bristol Ensuring the building and car park are well lit
Security Installers Bristol Training to identify threat of terrorism
Security Installers Bristol Placing emergency numbers by telephones
Security Installers Bristol Installing and maintaining security alarm systems

As well as protocols and systems, include calendar reminders and end-of-day tasks, and ensure all team members understand their responsibilities. Confidential documents and passwords should be locked away, and businesses should engrave identification numbers on office equipment.

If staff members are working alone in the office, protocols should be in place for them to contact their manager to confirm they've left the office safely. There should also be systems in place to verify visitors, to provide them with a badge and ensure that they're not left unsupervised. Also when staff members leave your employment, request their keys, reset entry codes and change passwords.
Security Installers Bristol
If you require long lasting security solutions for your office in Bristol or the local surrounding areas, contact our specialists today.
With over 32 years of experience within the industry, our experts are able to provide you with high quality systems you can rely on.
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