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  Which CCTV cameras are best for a shop?

Running a retail business means you need to be extra vigilant to prevent shoplifters and other criminal activities. While hiring security guards and training staff to be alert when it comes to crime, you can't expect them to be on the lookout at all times. Using CCTV systems as well as training employees in regards to stock loss prevention is the best way to prevent theft and collect evidence against criminals during operating hours.

An up to date CCTV system can help you reduce your businesses' shrinkage through theft and can provide footage that can be used to prosecute criminals. Choosing the right CCTV cameras for your shop can be difficult, and does depend on the size of the space and the items you sell.
CCTV Installers Bristol
CCTV Installers Bristol
Dome Cameras
360° coverage for your property

Dome cameras allow for a 360ยบ filming as the camera inside the dome can move in position. They are well suited for surveying large areas. As they are easily distinguished as CCTV, when placed near signage they can act as a visual deterrent to shoplifters, so can be installed near items that are commonly stolen.

As the camera can be moved during filming, they can be used for general surveillance and surveillance of a targeted area or person in your shop.
  Mounted static cameras
Secure high valued goods within your premises

A static camera installed in the corner of a room or shop floor is good for all retail premises. Angling the camera so they point towards an area containing high value goods that are likely to be stolen, or even towards tills to monitor staff, means you can obtain constant footage of a single area.

They can be used in small or large retail premises, and are often installed so they are directed towards till points, high value goods and entrances and exits.
CCTV Installers Bristol
CCTV Installers Bristol
Covert cameras
Hidden cameras ensure the utmost protection for your stock

If you are suspicious of your employees, and believe they may be stealing stock, then it may be worth installing covert cameras on your premises. Though not recommended to be installed throughout every area of your business, installing a covert camera in an area of your stock room, staff room, or anywhere where you suspect employees may be stealing, can help you find evidence to be used during prosecution.

Installation of high definition cameras will allow you to have footage which clearly provides evidence of criminal activity, providing you comply with legislation regarding the use of CCTV.
With a range of CCTV systems available, we are able to provide you with high quality, long lasting solutions
that you can trust. Contact our specialist installers today and discover more about how we can help secure your property.
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