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When it comes to public buildings such as schools, hospitals and universities there is a real need to ensure that the best possible security is in place. This is not only because the public are exposed to the risk of intruders or the possibility of fire, but also due to the fact that there is often a large amount of delicate and important information and equipment stored at these locations.


Standfast Security Systems have always prided themselves on offering a comprehensive range of security solutions for every requirement. We regularly provide security systems to public sector organisations. Here are some of the different choices available when protecting a large public building.

Intruder Alarms –

Our burglar and intruder alarm systems offer more to the user than just protection against anyone trying to gain unlawful entry to the property. They also give valuable piece of mind whilst providing many benefits to enable staff to react quickly to any problems that may occur.

Any of our alarm systems can be accompanied by a panic button that can either be placed in a fixed location or carried around by someone on the go. This is perfect for buildings that may employ a night guard to monitor the property outside working hours. There is the also the ability to alert the police when the alarm is tripped and obtain a swift police response in the Bristol area if you comply with these requirements.

Fire Alarms –

A fire can be a devastating occurrence in any building but when the public’s safety is at stake there is an extra need to ensure appropriate measures are taken to prevent, and alert people to, events of this kind. You can receive a fast reaction from both the fire brigade and the main key holder for the building by connecting your fire alarm to a 24 hour monitoring centre. This is perfect for buildings such as schools and libraries which are locked up over night without anyone staying on site.

We can also help you to comply with regulations surrounding emergency lighting in these public buildings by installing a system which aids in the quick and efficient evacuation of any building.

Door Access Control –

With any building that allows public access to certain areas and restricted access to others, there is a need to clearly define these areas and secure them from accidental or purposeful unauthorised entry. One of the leading manufacturers of door access control systems is Paxton who offer both PC controlled and standalone products; making them incredibly easy to use and extremely reliable.

The benefits of these Paxton access control systems are many and include: eliminating the worry attached to lost and stolen keys, the ability to integrate all of your internal and external doors into one security solution and allowing the public which use the building (whether it’s a school, a university or hospital) to feel safe when in the environment.

CCTV Systems –

With all the CCTV that is in action today, it can often feel like we are always being watched by someone. However, when protecting a public building it is in the public’s best interest that there is effective surveillance on the premises. Standfast offers CCTV that is either clearly visible and in which case acts as an obvious deterrent and monitoring system, or more covert and inconspicuous in the way it surveys the building. Both can be used either internally or externally and display a variety of functions that cater for extensive observation of the area.

These CCTV systems can also be integrated with other technology to enhance the protection they give. This includes DVD recording devices that allow you to revert back to previous footage and keep a record of any incidents, and a connection to a PC via broadband.

The beauty of all these security options is that they can be integrated with each other seamlessly to allow both a customised and comprehensive solution for any public building and any budget. You could choose to combine all four or simply opt for those that fulfil your specific requirements.

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