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BWS Standfast are pleased to be associated with Southern & Northern Monitoring Services (SMS), the UK and Europe’s number one alarm monitoring business for all our remotely monitored intruder alarms in the Bristol area, fire alarms and panic alarms.

SMS is the UK’s largest independent ARC and RVRC service provider. They provide  a leading  edge of technological development – a business which has taken the concept of Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) to a new level. Custodian has created Virtual Call Centres, taking the capability of all of its ARCs to provide consistent levels of service nationwide.

Your property security – types of alarm signalling

There are so many security options on the market today that it is difficult to make the right decision. To help you here are the basic facts about the various alarm signalling options available for your property:

Bells only

The problem with this most basic type of alarm notification is that ringing alarm sounders are seen as a nuisance and are usually ignored. Also, in line with Police policy ringing alarm sounders do not get automatic response.

Audible internal and external sounder only systems

Audible only systems are an excellent deterrent when securing residential or small commercial premises from burglaries, subject to insurance approval.

In our experience, alarmed properties in built-up areas are much less likely to be targeted due to the visual deterrent of the external alarm sounder boxes. In the event of a break-in the internal and external alarm sounders quickly scare the intruder into leaving the property and alert the occupant or local residents to the intrusion.

Digital communicator

When the alarm is triggered, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) receive notification via a telephone line and if required, will call the emergency services and keyholder. The problem with this system is that if the phone line is cut or engaged, the ARC is unlikely to know about it, or is delayed in being advised, which can compromise your security.


DualCom GPRS

This is the most secure alarm system (along with Redcare GSM). DualCom GPRS offers a choice of single, dual or multiple alarm signalling paths: a telephone line (does not have to be BT line), an IP connection and the Vodafone network. If one of these paths is attacked then subsequent alarms are delivered to the ARC via the remaining paths. The hardware platform fits every grade of security risk, all the way from Grade 2, 3 and 4 security installations to the toughest specification of fire signalling grades.

Redcare GSM

This is the most secure alarm system (along with Dual Com GPRS). Redcare GSM uses two alarm signalling paths – a BT telephone line and the O2 radio network. If one of these paths is attacked, then subsequent alarms are delivered to the ARC via the remaining path.


Again the system is connected to an ARC via a BT telephone line. However, Redcare continuously checks that the phone line is there, and unlike the digital communicator will notify the ARC within seconds should there be a problem. This means that you alarm signalling can never be compromised without the knowledge of the ARC.

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