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Burglars Walk Past Alarm Protected Homes

So where is the proof that a burglar alarm deters crime?

Bristol suffers several thousand burglaries and break-ins each year. It is clearly a wise precaution to review your current security measures.

  • The UK Government research has shown that over 80% of would-be burglars are put off by alarms and a similar number would be deterred by CCTV surveillance equipment
  • Alarm installation on some estates in Safe and Secure Homes Schemes have reduced burglaries by 80% and result in whole communities feeling safer  (source: BBC)

How to protect your home

You need to identify the vulnerable points in your home security?  Check to see if your  home has accessible windows, weak doors or a garden shed full of useful tools?   Simple aspects such as a noisy gravel drive can alert you or your next door neighbours to the presence of an intruder.   It is important that a burglar alarm visible from the road.   Likewise check to see that any potential intruder who is trying to gain entry from the rear able to see that you have an serviced alarm?

Burglar alarms in Bristol help deter thieves

Police in Bristol have worked with reformed criminals who report that it is much less risky to target a house without an alarm than one with.  Finding un-alarmed houses is apparently easy.

Installing a burglar alarm is not just a deterrent to thieves, it provides a warning to you, the police and neighbours in the unfortunate event of an actual break-in.

So How do you find the right burglar alarm for your home?

There are 3 main types of intruder alarms: Do-it-yourself alarms, audible only alarms and alarm response centre monitored alarms.

  • Do-it-yourself alarms are not recommended and do not usually result in a police response as they are often unreliable and cause too many false alarms.
  • It is not uncommon that to receive an emergency response from an audible-only alarm, there needs to be confirmation that a break-in is actually taking place, usually from an eye witness (something that is not a common occurance).
  • You can have your alarm monitored 24/7 by an Alarm Response Centre where false alarms are identified and only true emergencies are sent to the police or fire services who are more likely to respond immediately.

Effective intruder alarms

Having an effective alarm system to protect your property depends on finding one that that is right for each household.  Specialist Bristol alarms installation companies, such as Standfast Security Systems, offer a free security survey and will work with you to identify the right alarm system for your home.  This bespoke survey will pin-point exactly what you and your home need to provide an effective deterrent to thieves and protection.   It is worthwhile telling your insurance company that you are using an NSI-approved since they frequently offer discount off your insurance premiums.  Clearly insurance companies understand the value of having an alarm professionally installed and maintained.

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