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Benefits of Wireless Alarms

Wireless burglar alarms have been available for a number of years now but many security alarm companies, including Standfast Security Systems have only been willing to install them since they have reached a standard that compares well with traditional wired alarms. The development of these systems now means that they provide a viable and secure alternative to a standard hard-wired burglar alarm, and also have many benefits.

If you are contemplating the installation of a wireless alarm or want to know more about these systems, here are some key advantages they hold.

  • They can be easily installed in a very quick time and so the disruption to your home or business during installation will be minimal.
  • Because of this, they can be easily removed and re-installed if you were to move home or change business address.
  • Listed buildings can often cause a problem because of the restrictions placed upon them (something that is a common occurrence in Bristol, where we are based). However, wireless alarms are nonintrusive and so there will be no such problems when it comes to installing them. This also means they can be easily added to a building of religious worship and won’t damage the exterior or interior of any property.
  • There are no external wires that could be cut by an intruder trying to gain entry into the building.

We offer two different types of wireless alarm systems; the Enforcer, perfect for small and medium sized dwellings or business premises, and Texecom’s Ricochet mesh technology, which is great for larger buildings and those which require a central monitoring system. These products also have specific benefits:

  • The Enforcer can be armed or disarmed in one of three ways; including the ability to activate it from a distant with the use of a push-button key fob.
  • It can also tell whether you are activating the alarm to protect the home whilst you are inside it or arming it before you leave the property, and will adapt its security settings accordingly.
  • Protecting the battery life is simple with the ability to send the system to sleep or wake it up in an instant.
  • Texecom’s Ricochet device has an easily adaptable range so that you can adjust the area it covers. This is useful if you are expanding your home or business, or you want to secure a wider area of your property.
  • The system is great at conserving energy and uses 1000 times less than a standard wired burglar alarm. This is very important in the preservation of battery life.
  • Any wireless signals sent from the device to the control panel are secured through the use of encrypted algorithms; giving your home or business the high standard of protection it deserves.

There are plenty of other wireless alarms on the market, including DIY versions. However, we feel strongly that these two systems provide some of the most reliable and best value products available in the UK.

If you would like additional information about the wireless alarms on offer and the installation service we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 911 8205.


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