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Christmas Security Tips for
your Retail Business

As we approach the busiest time of the year, retailers around the UK are likely to be putting up their Christmas decorations and taking more deliveries of stock to cope with the increase in trade. As an increase in stock held onsite instantly makes your premises more appealing to criminals, it is important to up your efforts to protect and secure your property during this festive season.

Those who are looking to reduce their seasonal and annual shrinkage should improve their security efforts so that shoplifting, vandalism, and night time thefts can be prevented. To help your business stay protected from theft this Christmas, consider implementing the following.

Be Protective of Stock Displayed Outdoors

It is likely that you’re going to trying new tactics during November and December to try and boost sales. Displaying products outside or setting up a stall near your shop is a brilliant way to catch passers-by and make extra sales, but can increase the likelihood of lost stock due to theft.

When closing for the day, always make sure that any stock displayed outdoors is brought inside to prevent night time theft. Always have outdoor stalls and stands manned by multiple employees to avoid opportunists taking items.

Deck the Halls with CCTV

When a shop is bustling with customers, it can be impossible for your employees to spot and prevent shoplifters. In order to prosecute thieves, and to deter them from breaking the law without distracting your employees from delivering great customer service, make sure that your CCTV systems are working correctly and efficiently.

If you don’t have CCTV installed, consider it, no matter how small your premises. Clearly displayed cameras along with signs stating why footage is being recorded (this is a legal requirement) is proven to deter criminal activities and can help catch and prosecute criminals.

It is also worthwhile to test your exterior CCTV systems, and make sure they are clearly visible and are directed onto target areas. Delivery entrances and doors that lead straight to stock rooms are often targets for experienced criminals, so make sure that these are working correctly and are operating throughout the day and night.

Employ a Security Guard

A security that stands by the entrance and exit to your property, or patrols the aisles can seem like it may be off-putting to your customers, but is an excellent way to deter thieves. The key is to employ a friendly security guard who is willing to greet customers as well as perform their job description.

Be Strict on Who you Employee

Unfortunately not all thefts come from customers. Internal employee theft can make up a large percentage of your yearly loss. To prevent internal theft, retailers should enforce a strict recruitment process applies to everyone they hire, including seasonal staff. Be thorough with reference checking, and always give them the opportunity to tell you of any criminal convictions they have.

Test your Intruder Alarms

Be sure to protect your stock 24hrs a day by using intruder alarms. An intruder alarm, like the ones we install and maintain, can be installed so that should someone break into your premises the police are automatically alerted. There are a number of requirements that your alarm system needs to meet to ensure that you qualify for a Police Response, which we can talk you through.

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