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Deploying Rollers Shutters with Security Alarms and CCTV Doubles the Deterrent

Security is very much on business owners’ minds right now, particularly after the rioting that took place across the country in August 2011. Unprotected shop windows offered little or no resistance to looting rioters who were on the lookout for televisions, and other brown and white goods that were both on display and in stock. That such events could ever happen here in the UK has made business owners stop and rethink their security measures, and many are now turning to the installation of steel roller shutters as a method of improving the protection of their premises.


What Sort of Protection Can You Expect from Roller Shutters?

The first thing that you should be aware of is that roller shutters cannot guarantee 100% that thieves or looters will ever gain illegal access to your premises. Given enough time and the right resources, there is virtually nothing that can. Some of the organised gangs that now operate in many towns and cities across the UK are well equipped, and have had plenty of practice at breaking and entering. But shutters can make life very, very difficult for those that chance their arm.

You may not already be aware, but from a security point of view roller shutters come in 3 grades. The basic steel model, which offers a sturdy deterrent to most “casual” vandals, is a popular choice. It consists of a simple steel slat construction that when lowered provides ample protection against those out to smash windows.

But for improved protection you can order steel roller shutters that incorporate special locking mechanisms. These mechanisms add to the intrinsic strength of the steel slats, making it very difficult for anyone trying to prise them apart.


What other Security Devices Should you be Using?

Good security is all about prevention, and the more security devices that you have on show, the better; the reason being that they act like a deterrent. It gives any would-be thieves pause for thought. But knowing that even the strongest roller shutters aren’t impregnable also means that they can be broken down given time, and the right tools; but when there is an audible security alarm installed too, (especially one that is linked to a 24 hour alarm receiving centre (ARC)), it takes away that advantage of time. Anyone thinking about trying to break in will know that long before they have negotiated the shutters, a security team and the police will be on site having been alerted by the intruder alarm being tripped.

Another type of security device that can and should be added to the deterrent is a CCTV surveillance system. When linked to the shutter and the audible alarm, this piece of kit closes the circle. It sends out the clearest of signals to anyone trying to gain illegal access, that they are being filmed in the process. Not only will any break in require time to disable the security shutter or grille, time that will be denied them through the audible alarm, but even if they flee the scene after trying to gain entrance after just 5 or 10 minutes, the CCTVsystem will have recorded the events onto a digital hard disk video recorder (DVR).


So Is It Worth It?

The answer has to be a resounding yes! Who wouldn’t want to avoid all of the carnage that a break in and robbery occasions? It’s not just the inconvenience; it’s the down time whilst the premises are being repaired, and the loss of sales incurred in the meantime, plus the fact that the insurance premiums will probably be raised too. In actual fact this “full Monty” approach to security protection will even pay for itself over time, because your insurance premiums may be lowered accordingly.


So Where Can I Get Such a Security System?

If you talk to us we can help with intruder and fire alarms, door access control and CCTV, integrated into your other security systems. We can also point you in the right direction for security grilles and roller shutters in the local area. We recommend Bristol-based HAG Security Grilles and Shutters that offer a wide range of security doors to companies throughout the country.

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