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People have been securing their homes and businesses with locks and keys for thousands of years. In fact, most modern locks still use the same basic designs invented by locksmiths like Jeremiah Chubb and Linus Yale, Sr. nearly two hundred years ago! If you want to bring your front door security into the 21st Century, electronic keypad locks are a great option with several significant advantages over traditional locks.


One of the most obvious advantages of an electronic keypad lock is that you don’t have to carry a key around with you. If you constantly worry about losing your keys or locking yourself out, going electronic can give you peace of mind as well as freeing up space in your pockets.  

A digital keypad entry system also allows you to easily give access to your home or office to as many people as you like at no extra cost. Simply share the code with as many people as you want – much easier and cheaper than having to get multiple keys cut.

Finally, if you ever want to change who has access to your building, or are worried that a keycode has fallen into the wrong hands, it’s quick and simple to change the keycode and you can often do this yourself. Compare that to the cost of getting a new lock fitted and new keys cut and the electronic option is the clear winner.


An electronic keypad is much more secure than most traditional locks, requiring high tech equipment and a lot of specialist knowledge to bypass, whereas a typical Yale-type lock can often be defeated with something as simple as a bump key.

You also won’t have to worry about someone stealing your key or surreptitiously copying it. And, if you’re worried about someone learning your door code, you can easily change it on a regular basis to minimise the risk.

Most electronic keypads can be programmed by the owner from their computer, making it simple to set up temporary key codes for people who need short term access, without worrying about having to give them a key which they could theoretically go and get copied. Keycodes can usually even be set remotely, so you could even do it from the other side of the world!


One of the most impressive features of electronic keypad locks is that they can often be integrated with other security systems such as intruder alarms and CCTV surveillance systems. This not only makes managing your security precautions simpler, it can also help make your building more secure. For example, you could set a security camera to take a photo every time someone uses the lock, so you’ll always know exactly who has been accessing your building.

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