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Why is access control essential to data security?
If you are in charge of your company's data security, you need to ensure it is kept safe and secure. The personal data of your clients and the corporate information stored by your organisation are both incredibly attractive to hackers and data criminals. It's not enough to ensure you're using password protected computers and drives, you also need to have physical barriers in place to stop confidential data from being stolen.

How access control systems can help protect data:

Access control can be a key component in any successful data security plan as it physically restricts access to computers, servers, and other IT where confidential data is stored. Preventing unauthorised people from accessing a particular area will help reduce the likelihood of physical theft of servers and databases and will lower the chances of digital data being stolen. Using a smart system where individual users are issued with their own access card, fob or pin code will mean you can track exactly who is entering restricted areas, which can help reduce the chances of internal Access control both allows and restricts access to data server rooms, record rooms and confidential information.

The benefits of access control

Acts as a deterrent – Criminals are far less likely to attempt to steal information from an organisation that has strong access control measures in place. Simply knowing that you use access control will often be enough to put them off.

Can be integrated with other systems – If you already employ CCTV or intruder alarms in your business, they can be integrated with your access control to provide a comprehensive security network.

Puts your employees' minds at ease – By knowing that you take data protection seriously, your employees will feel safe when sharing information both about their clients and themselves.

A Safer Option:

Burglar alarm monitoring is a solution to combat people's complacency, as the alarm not only rings but sends a signal through to a monitoring centre who can contact the police and the key-holder to ensure action is taken.

The Ultimate Security:

We offer two options that can outwit even the smartest burglar. As many monitoring centres are contacted through a telephone call, burglars could locate the telephone line and cut it before entering, that's why we created the DualCom GPRS and Redcare GSM systems. The DualCom GPRS system sends a message to the monitoring centre using up to three channels: a telephone line (does not have to be BT line), an IP connection and a WorldSIM card so the unit will always find the best signal from the four major networks. If one of these channels is compromised an alarm is sent via one of the other channels. Or the Redcare GSM system uses two channels in the same way: BT telephone line and the O2 radio network.

Cheaper Insurance:

Another advantage to using a monitored burglar alarm is that due to its increased security it can result in lower insurance premiums. Check with your insurance provider to find out how it could make a difference. Follow the link for more information about burglar alarms in Bristol or give us a call on 0117 911 8205 .

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