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  Ensure the highest levels of protection for your garden

Many of us protect our homes from burglars, but we rarely put the same effort into securing our gardens and outhouses. You may feel no one wants to get their hands on your garden gnomes, but you might well be underestimating the value of your garden goods.

There are plenty of ways to make your garden more burglar-resistant. Making sure gates are kept closed and growing high, prickly hedges, for example, can act as a deterrent. It is also worth keeping garden tools and equipment safely locked away and out of sight, and ensuring expensive garden furniture and plants are difficult to remove.

Marking your property with your postcode may make your property less appealing to thieves and will make it easier to recover goods if they are stolen. It is also worth keeping photographic evidence of any valuable items you keep in your garden or the shed. Again, this may help when it comes to recovering your goods and will enable you to get the appropriate level of garden contents insurance if you feel you need it.
Home Alarms Bristol
Home Alarms Bristol
Making light work of it
Tactially place security lights to deter intruders and burglars

Most important of all, though, is making sure you have adequate security devices in action should an attempted robbery take place.Security lights can be tactically positioned at the back of your house so that they light up if someone enters your garden.

The most common form of lighting is passive infra-red, which can be set to stay on for a set time and resets if the cause of its activation is no longer there. This system can be used to activate single or multiple lights. Alternatively, you can use low-pressure sodium lights, which turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Standfast Security Systems offers a range of effective wall-mounted light controllers that offer individual zone management so you can pinpoint the areas you need to cover. Its security lights can also provide internal sounders to alert you if any suspicious activity is detected, as well as automatic lights on timers and a manual override so you can switch the lights on whenever the need arises.
  Setting alarm bells ringing
High quality intruder alarms provide a reliable deterance for criminals

While lighting acts as an important first form of defence, nothing beats an alarm when it comes to keeping your garden secure. Your garden is much less likely to be burgled if you have a correctly fitted and well maintained burglar alarm. If you have any outbuildings or sheds it may be worth extending the alarm field to cover these. Standfast Security Systems is expert in external and indoor security systems. These can be combined for garden security purposes.

There are various types of alarm including audible internal and external sounder only systems, digital communicators, Redcare GSM and DualCom GPRS. Audible-only systems can really help to deter burglars as they encourage the intruder to leave swiftly and will alert you to their presence. Alternatively, digital communicators alert an Alarm Receiving Centre if your garden becomes compromised. The centre will call the emergency services and key holder if necessary.

Redcare GSM uses a BT line and the O2 radio network to protect your property and garden. If one of these paths is compromised, the Alarm Receiving Centre will be notified and alarms will be delivered by the alternative method. DualCom GPRS offers up to three signalling options: a phone line, an IP connection and the Vodafone network.
Home Alarms Bristol
Working across Bristol and the local surrounding areas, our specialists are able to provide you with high quality,
long lasting protection for your garden and home. Contact our specialists today and discover how we can help you.
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