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  Guarantee the safety of your business during closing hours

As retailers go head-first into their busiest season and offices start winding down for Christmas parties and end of year celebrations, most businesses have one common issue that accompanies the festive season. When offices shut down, and shops close for Christmas day, there is sadly a rise in criminal threat and potential break-ins due to premises being unoccupied.

In order to have the best Christmas season both in business and in celebrations, making sure that your premises is secure is vital. In previous blog posts, we've looked at how to protect your retail stock during operating hours, but here's our advice on how to protect your premises during Christmas closing hours.
Intruder Alarms Bristol
Intruder Alarms Bristol
Activate CCTV and Intruder Alarms
Ensure maximum deterance against criminals

When you close your business for Christmas, be sure to set your intruder alarms, and turn on your CCTV systems, if they are not already operating. If someone does attempt to enter the building when closed, an intruder alarm can alert the police and notify your business's responsible person. CCTV systems will capture footage of any intruders and criminal activity, which can be used as evidence.
  Install a Smokecloak
Cover valuables with a mist of smoke

Should someone manage to enter your premises during Christmas closing hours, you need to try and prevent them from taking anything. CCTV recorded images will help you prosecute intruders, but sadly won't replace any stock that is lost. A preventative measure, like the Smokecloak System, can help protect stock as it will fill a room with dense fog that makes goods difficult or impossible to see.

A Smokecloak is suited for use in any workplace, from retail to offices, regardless of what it contains. The fog is created by vaporising a Glycol solution that leaves no residue and won't damage displays, stock, or computers and tills.
Intruder Alarms Bristol
Intruder Alarms Bristol
Use Security Grilles
Ensure maximum deterance against criminals

Security grilles, shutters, and bars on windows and doors provide both a physical and visual deterrent. If a criminal sees that all entrances are protected by high security applications, then they are far less lightly to attempt to enter the premises. Should they continue to try to enter the premises illegally, then they will find it impossible to enter or face serious difficulties gaining entry.
With a range of CCTV systems available, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the perfect solution for your needs.
Contact our experts today and discover how we can help secure your property with long lasting systems.
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