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  Reducing the risks of fire and potential damage to your business

A fire can cause detrimental damage to a business with statistics showing that only 30% of businesses that suffer from an outbreak of fire 'survive' and are able to continue trading. With such a low percentage of businesses recovering, it is essential that all companies protect themselves and their future by making efforts to reduce fire risks and the potential damage it can cause. There are a number of simple ways that a business can effectively reduce the risk of fire and stay protected should a fire breakout.
Fire Alarms Bristol
Fire Alarms Bristol
Keeping Fire Exits Clear at All Times
Ensure a clear path for evacuation

In the unfortunate event of a fire, a business will need to evacuate their property quickly and efficiently to prevent those occupying the premises from being harmed. Quick evacuation from a property is often prevented due to fire exits being blocked by equipment and stock. As a blocked, or partially blocked exit, can considerably increase evacuation time and potentially cause harm to life, a business should protect employees and customers by ensuring that all fire exits within your premises are always kept clear. A business should enforce this by educating all employees on onsite fire safety regularly.

Placing Signage Correctly
Guarantee the highest levels of safety for your staff and customers

Another factor that prevents quick evacuation of a premises in event of a fire is incorrect placement of signage. Fire exit signs, extinguisher and alarms signs that face the wrong way, or are not clearly displayed can be misleading to staff and customers who may find themselves having to react to a fire. When placing fire safety signage, a business should make sure that it is placed correctly so that confusion in an emergency is avoided.
  Maintaining Fire Alarms
Ensure your property is fully compliant at all times

Fire alarms play a vital role in the detection of fire, and as a faulty alarm can delay detection, a business should make sure all of the fire alarms on their premises are regularly checked and maintained. A faulty fire alarm not only prevents the detection of fire, but also means that a business is breaking the law and therefore face penalties that include a significant fine, or imprisonment.

A business can help prevent the damage caused by the spread of fire by having their installed fire alarms regularly checked and maintained to ensure that they are not defective.
Fire Alarms Bristol
Fire Alarms Bristol
Train Employees in Fire Safety
Make sure everyone is fully aware of how to deal with emergencies

Employees who are untrained and unknowledgeable in fire safety and evacuation procedures can make a premises unsafe and at a greater risk of a fire breakout. By educating all employees on fire safety, risks, and evacuation procedure through induction training and regular refresher sessions and drill practices, a business can help reduce the fire risks and hazards within the workplace.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of fire and potential damage to a business is by regularly carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment, as this allows for any breaches in safety or apparent fire hazards to be noted and for appropriate changes to be made.
Our specialist fire alarm installers are able to provide you with long lasting systems that are designed around you.
If you are in need of a high quality fire system for your property in Bristol, contact our experts today.
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