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Security Installer Bristol
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Fire Alarm Bristol
  Ensuring the utmost protection against Fire

At Standfast Security Systems we know just how devastating fire can be and therefore how important it is to do all that you can to protect your business against damage of this kind.

A fire can cause harm to your employees, devastate your stock levels and leave you unable to trade for a lengthy period of time, and so it is obviously important to ensure there are comprehensive measures in place to both warn and protect against fire.

There are two types of fire protection; Active, which involves systems that require movement and action in response to a fire, and passive, which is typified by systems which aim to slow the fire and stop it spreading.
Fire Alarms Bristol
Fire Alarms Bristol
Fire Alarms
Ensure the highest levels of protection against fires

Perhaps the most obvious and effective form of active fire protection is the installation of fire alarms like the ones we offer at Standfast. Not only do they act as a great early warning system in the case of an emergency, they also include a number of additional advantages.

Our alarms can be perfectly integrated with the other security systems that you have in place, such as door access systems, so that all exits are unlocked should a fire break out. They can also be linked to a remote receiving centre so that the fire department and key holders can be notified straight away when the alarm is activated.

Sprinkler Systems
Reduce the damage caused by fires

Although, most likely to be used on premises with a commercial kitchen or in other high-risk industries, sprinkler systems can be installed by anyone to limit the damage caused by a fire.

Contrary to what you may see in some movies, not all the sprinklers in your building will be set off in the event of flames. The heat from the fire causes a gas component in the sprinkler head to fail and this is what leads to the water being released. It is therefore only the sprinklers in the near vicinity of the fire that will be activated.

The main aim of a system like this is to stop the fire growing out of control; thus limiting potential damage to the structure.
  Fire Resistant Walls And Doors
Protect your property from fire damage with fire-restardent doors

A great way to prevent a fire spreading to other areas of your premises, and therefore causing more extensive damage, is to install fireproof walls and doors to slow down any flames. These can help to confine the fire to a specific area for longer; in the hope that it can then be put out before it spreads to vital parts of the building.

Fire-resistant doors are most likely found in warehouses and factories but can be just as effective in any other type of building. Materials can also be sprayed with endothermic fireproofing substances, which help to absorb the heat and give an extra layer of protection in high-risk areas.
Fire Alarms Bristol
Our specialist fire alarm installers are able to provide you with long lasting systems that are designed around you.
If you are in need of a high quality fire system for your property in Bristol, contact our experts today.
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